What Is the Brave New Text?

The Brave New Text is a collection of essays meant to bring you perspectives to enhance your web writing processes and practices in a world where semantic technologies are playing an increasingly important role and where we, as both writers and readers, are on a journey to rediscover the way we put and transfer thoughts on paper and screen using our minds and machines.

The Brave New Text looks at web writing as the transformative power that augments and enhances the way we communicate, exchange, experience and explore thoughts, ideas, goods.

What You Can Use The Brave New Text for?

The Brave New Text is meant to inspire you to realize the still dormant potential of web writing and make your texts on the web work for you.

Use the book as:

  • As a conceptual tool – to gain a deeper understanding of how the Semantic Web is transforming the way we create and consume content
  • As a peephole – to peek into some possible and plausible futures of content writing
  • As a magnifying glass – to see text on the web in its tinies details and principles
  • As a starting point of your own roadmap towards your best web writing practices.

What to Use This Website For?

This website features excerpts from the book together with thoughts and advice on web writing to help you weave your own web of words on the Web of People. Use it for inspiration, guidance and practical advice. Find them at Warps & Wefts

Why This Book?

The book is a kaleidoscope of perspectives through which you will see texts on the web as webs themselves, as processes that change us, word by word, link by link.

The concept of the Brave New Text appeared vested in a rhyme:

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

I saw the parts of the rhyme corresponding to four main characteristics of the written word, having collided with the all-purpose machine (as computers were initially conceived as) and later on  with the World Wide Web.

And then I started weaving…