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Texts on the Semantic Web: Cracking Linearity

We live in a world where "every morning demands an excruciating choice of which exciting link to follow first. [see. Sir Tim Berners-Lee Blogging is Great, thanks to the amazing Internet Archive] In a Linked Data state of mind, that is a good news. We are in for quite a journey towards cracking the linearity of our thoughts, texts and tales (narratives). What the electronic connected word (turned into the right linked data) does really well these days, compared to its predecessor - the ...

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In a Linked Data State of Mind

  When we think of a text within the boundaries of a page (be that a print or a web page) we reinforce an understanding that belongs to the realm of a print age: a text follows a linear form, in the familiar page frame. Just like Gutenberg prints initially tried to replicate manuscripts. Such a “page understanding”, in a Web context, confines us (and our thinking of any given text) to limits that don’t exist anymore. The way out is leaving the print, and even the Web page ...

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