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What connects mysteries and SEO? A Talk about the Craft of Web Writing with Zara Altair

Hello with this months edition of the Intertextual animal - a series of talk about textuality, web and connections. Today I had  Zara Altair who is an author of both fiction and non-fiction. And whom I was privileged to be able to interview on the craft of writing. I wanted to talk with her  about the experience of writing mysteries, product descriptions, coaching writers and my favourite - writing for businesses that put customer connection first. How more intertextual could we get? With ...

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A Talk About the Interactive Text with Frode Hegland

In this episode of the Intertextual Animal series I hope you will enjoy Frode Hegland talking about text as substrate, the usefulness of any technological construct as its essence, the need for deeper look into the writing and the reading processes we live by. Digital text holds real, untapped potential because of its inherent interactivity and we have a choice: We can learn to control the vast sea of digital text–or be controlled by it. Frode Hegland It's lunch time and I have a Skype ...

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Connections, textuality and a momentum

It seems to me that beyond the tools for keywords research and the content planning tables there is a space where we first envision connectivity. And this is where textuality starts to emerge: our own field of thoughts, things and tenets. A field intricately connected with other people's fields and threads of Web existence. Merging these fields brings new fabrics of interactions, rooted in what we have envisioned to connect to. I wrote The Brave New Text with the hope that it will be a ...

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