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What connects mysteries and SEO? A Talk about the Craft of Web Writing with Zara Altair

Hello with this months edition of the Intertextual animal - a series of talk about textuality, web and connections. Today I had  Zara Altair who is an author of both fiction and non-fiction. And whom I was privileged to be able to interview on the craft of writing. I wanted to talk with her  about the experience of writing mysteries, product descriptions, coaching writers and my favourite - writing for businesses that put customer connection first. How more intertextual could we get? With ...

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The Pleasure of Hypertext

Hypertext is magic. Linked, every word is an opportunity to explore meaning from as much perspectives as our ability to follow threads would allows us to. A radiant node or cluster … from which, and through which, and into which, ideas are constantly rushing, writes Ezra Pound, yet for another time showing how it is all connected and even the idea of a space of linked objects has been there, in the minds of those enquiring within upon everything, waiting to become an inseparable part of ...

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