Texts as a Fabrics of Shared Understanding

Good texts, just like good conversations, are the ones that change you. You are transformed after having read them: you either know something more, learned something new, or have decided what to do next, how to solve a problem.

Texts flourish when created and presented (and vice versa) in the right environment (i.e. in relevant contexts).

Don’t give your readers 10000 words, give them 20 at the right time, at the right place. Texts that just talk and talk and say nothing cannot win you an audience. The ones that can are the ones that do mean a thing and go with a swing.

It is when we use text as a vehicle to pass on (and create) meaning in a way that fosters, provokes and inspires understanding, that the full potential of a written piece unfolds.

Then, it joyfully succeeds in enriching the web with:

* newly connected dots
* expanded field of relationships
* effectively transferred or reinforced meaning

Meaning, above all, is created in a swirl, a swing, in a vortex of a shared life, within the fabrics a shared understanding. And sometimes, we are lucky, to have caught that swirl into texts.

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Texts as a Fabrics of Shared Understanding

by Teodora Petkova time to read: 1 min