Web Writing from A to Z [Part 1]

The tremendous change the Semantic Web* triggers leads to a whole new understanding of how we live and work together. As all other activities on the web, content writing has a brave new world to thrive in and embrace.

The ABCD of Web Writing

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Systems managing content on our behalf, are becoming smarter and faster in understanding what we write and do on the Web. We can help these systems make sense of or texts by: “With respect to HTML, these days that’s best done with RDFa. See also RDFa in HTML.” [http://bit.ly/seordfa]


Big Data is a buzzword. But it helps data get the attention they need. Think of the Web as a giant ecosystem, woven of electronic signals, actually of data. When it comes to web writing this perspective helps us see how important every word (becoming data on the Web) is. [http://bit.ly/RhetoricsData]


Connections are what make us thrive. The same goes for content in an increasingly transparent cyberspace. Our readers have so much links to follow today, why would they choose ours?
Honor reader’s time with open, honest, well-researched, deep but clear text that help people know more and do more, together, connected.


Texts on the Web are living content, nurturing and nurtured by the dialogues we become part of online. Actively seeking to talk with people, to engage in a communications on different levels, even if only reading forums, or tweets about the topic in question is what makes web content worth creating and publishing.


Web Writing from A to Z [Part 1]

by Teodora Petkova time to read: 1 min