The Intertextual Animal Big

The Intertextual Animal [Video Series]

The Intertextual Animal is a monthly video series of conversations about content writing, textuality and the power of linked words, thoughts, people and data.

The themes of the series revolve around:

  • Writing for the Web
  • The Semantic Web
  • Intertextuality
  • Empathy
  • Human connection
  • The dance of code and culture
  • The morphing textuality across the cyber spaces we communicate within.

The idea to explore these themes in a conversational manner was born out of a deep  desire to connect to multitude of layers part of the concept: The intertextual animal.

Some of the  thought adventures you are more than welcome to embark on, together with me and my guests, will be:

        • Man-machine intelligence and what this has to do with the search for meaning (and, sorry, pizza)
        • Data-fed agents and curiosity-nurtured content writers
        • The poiesis of communities online and building of communication bridges
        • Intelligent content and the orchestration of user experiences
        • The importance of analogue threads  when it comes  to “digital”
        • The future of text and the “now” of connecting
        • The roots of intertwingularity in the past

Each conversation of the series will live on YouTube and in a post here, on this website, so you can subscribe to the RSS feed and follow the updates.

Stay tuned for the first intertextual adventure and let me know your thoughts about the series.

Also, if you feel like joining me, please send me an email and I will be more than happy to discuss with you all things text, textuality and our webby, intertextual nature.